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!!! 2 Months Event !!!

2 Months Anniversary Event

From Friday the 18th until Monday Morning the 21st:

==Vote reward extra reward (Vitality Potion 4 hours)==

==Vote Reward Premium for 7 days==

==2x PC Bang Points (important currency on our server)==

==2x Adena Drop==


+Newcomers Event

=== 2x Party XP ===
=== Rune of XP 50% – 10 hours [on all new characters] ===
=== Starting gear D Grade and NoGrade + shots ===
=== free first and second class change (lv.20 and lv.40) ===


Server Rates

Separator image

XP: 20x

SP: 20x

Adena: 10x

Drop: 10x

Spoil: 10x


Enchant Rates

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Normal Scroll: 55%

Blessed Scroll: 65%

Safe: +4

Max: +16



Vote Rewards

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Vote everyday for rewards

Vote Rune (12h):

P.Atk +5%

M.Atk +5%

Atk. Speed+5%

Cast.Speed +5%

P.def +5%

M.Def +5%

Max HP +10%

Max MP +10%

Weight Limit +100%

Vote Capsule

Chest with random rewards.

Vote our sever on HopZone.Net - top l2 servers
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